CSS Resets

When designing XHTML and CSS it is important to be cognoscente of the fact that every browser will interpret your code a little bit differently. This mostly has to do with the default styling, padding, and margin of different elements as determined by a particular browser. While your page may look generally the same in all browsers, if you look closely, there is a good chance that you can catch the minor differences in presentation. Most of the time it is readily evident if you develop a site in one browser (Firefox) and then proof it in another (IE). The margin and padding of commonly used tags such as <h1> and <p> will most likely be slightly different, resulting in minor presentation deviations that drive us crazy. So what’s the simplest solution?

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Reusable Jquery Toggle

jQuery is a great tool. If you’re anything like me, learning JavaScript and getting it to do what you want was one of the most frustrating tasks imaginable. jQuery simplifies it to the point where you don’t have to be a code ninja to make it do cool things for you. Here I share with you my reusable toggle script that hides content you wish to be hidden, then shows it by clicking a link, and then hides it again by clicking the link one more time. It is useful for many applications.

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