Hi, I’m Jason

thewifeandme_croppedI am an independent contractor who designs beautiful user friendly web sites. I have over seven years of experience with the web and its related technologies. I build websites based on a variety of platforms and technologies. My specialties include PHP, MySql, CSS, XHTML, and WordPress.

I have many interests outside of computers. I have a lovely wife and great big mutt. When I’m not on the computer you can usually find me doing one of these things: puttering around the house, messing with the lawn, playing drums, walking the dog, or watching a movie. I’m a pretty simple guy really.

I am located in economically resilient Huntsville, AL close to my friends and family.

What I Do

I strive to make my work accessible, clean, elegant, and customer driven. While designing for the web I never lose site of the fact that the whole world will have access to what we create. It will be simultaneously critiqued, used, and abused by an innumerable amount of anonymous people. How do you want the world to see the online face of your business? I’d like to help you make a great first impression.